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Car key shells

Largest selection of car key shells on the market

Visraktis – for 26 years we have been supplying only the highest quality products to all the locksmiths in Lithuania and beyond. This business idea was born out of the need for quality raw materials and the desire to provide only the most customer-oriented key manufacturing and lock repair services. The company’s workshop is located at J. Basanavičiaus 53, Vilnius, where experienced craftsmen with a wealth of experience can help you with all your lock-related questions.

We sell keys to professionals

Our key workshop can produce a wide variety of keys. Keys come in a wide variety of types, from the simplest, single-sided keys used to lock padlocks, to the patented and highly secure dimple and safe-type keys.

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Different key blanks
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Car key shells
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Sold brands

Only quality goods

We represent the world's best-known manufacturers and sell and manufacture only key blanks made from quality raw materials.

Free consultation

Experienced professionals will be happy to advise, recommend and explain how best to deal with each situation.

Fast service

We always have over 98% of our products in stock, so we can help you solve your problems quickly. A technician can be called in if needed.

What we sell?

Visit our e-shop

Here you will find a wide catalogue of key blanks and other key products, as well as the possibility to order keys to be delivered to your door.

Key shells

Here you will find key shells for all car brands. Common faults include torn or broken buttons, broken blades.

Choose the right one for you and exchange it for a new one or our workshop technicians will carry out a quality replacement service. This way, there is no risk of your key not working after repair.

Electronic keys

Electronic locks and keys are increasingly replacing old-style locks.

We offer a wide range of electronic access control keys such as RFID keys, contact keys, also known as magnets or access cards.

Key blanks

All types of household, safe, point and car keys in one place. Choose from our extensive catalogue, and if you have a special request, we can always order directly from the manufacturer any type of profile.

Gate remotes

Choose from several different universal models. These are remote controls designed to clone your existing remotes.

If required, original remotes can be ordered where universal remotes are not technologically suitable


Choose from a wide range of locks with different security features. Padlocks, stainless steel, weatherproof or extra high security locks with a patented key profile.

Order online

Save your time and energy

Place your order in the online shop. We’ll quickly and easily create your order and ship it to you the same day after payment.


Door repairs

Doors often hide more than just the lock inside. New types of doors have complex mechanisms inside them that, like locks, wear out over time.

All safe-type doors have pulling systems and gears inside that require maintenance and repair. If you have a problem, please contact us immediately and our staff will solve the problem and repair the faulty mechanisms.

Lock repairs

Locks come in many different types. From doors to vehicles. Our craftsmen will fix a lock that is not working and help you when it is broken.

Don't risk being left standing outside, and if you have, call us and we'll help you repair a broken lock or replace it with a new one.

Emergency door lockout

Qualified technicians will help you unlock any type of door in an emergency.

The most common problem is lost keys. The master will come to the site, unlock the door and, if necessary, replace the lock with a new one or make a new set of keys.

We will also help you if you have misplaced or lost your car keys. One of the most common problems is having your car keys stuck in your car. Getting a technician to help you is a cheaper alternative to breaking the glass or damaging the lock trying to unlock it without special tools.

Replacing batteries in remotes

It's hard to understand how many problems can be caused by a dead battery in a car remote control without experiencing it. The fault is extremely simple, but due to the complex design of new keys and the high possibility of damaging the electronic part of the key, we recommend that you leave this work to professionals in their field.

We have all types of power cells for car keys on site and experienced professionals will solve your problem on site.

Copying remotes

Copying the remote controls for lift gates or barriers. We have a wide selection of universal remotes available locally for clone production. In most cases the copies work immediately, but some manufacturers have a higher level of security system, so a new remote control is still needed.

To be programmed to the gate mechanism itself. Our qualified technician can provide this service if required. The most popular manufacturers in Lithuania, for which we can produce copies of their remote controls, are BFT, CAME, NICE SOMFY and HORMANN

Car key repair

Remote control buttons not working, punctured button rubber bands, car not starting, blade not resting - these are just some of the common problems with car keys.

We have the widest selection of key cases in Lithuania. Our technicians will replace a worn-out key with a new one on the spot and, if necessary, quickly repair the faulty electronic part of the key on site.

Visraktis, Nijolės Jasutienės įmonė

Company code: 123479639
VAT: LT234796314

J.Basanavičiaus str. 53, Vilnius, Lithuania 03109

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